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Blockchain games without compromise

Integrate your game with powerful blockchain infrastructure in minutes, not months.

Revolutionary world building technologies for open, scalable and interoperable games.

Reliable, scalable & secure systems to support your game no matter how big it grows.

Layer 2 Scaling

Build applications without worrying about infrastructure, security, or reliability.

On-chain Collectibles

Issue in-game currencies and tokenized items with dynamic attributes and interactivity.

Player Management

Frictionless player authentication and registration. Easily generate managed wallets for your players.

Marketplace APIs

Integrate item trading, crafting, marketplaces and shops directly in your game.

Unlock massive scale

Enable planet scale adoption with custom blockchain infrastructure dedicated for your game.

Fully Customizable
Finetune block times, control payment token policies, or even restrict who can use your blockchain.
High Performance
Parasol chains can process thousands of transactions-per-second to support complex logic and high transaction volumes.
EVM Compatability
Out-of-the-box support for Solidity contracts and natively bridge assets between Parasol and Ethereum.

Build the future of participatory games

Parasol is committed to catalyzing the next iteration of emergent gameplay shaped by open innovation. Our mission is to connect the world through immersive entertainment by enabling storytelling pioneers to sculpt worlds and weave rich and emotive narratives.

What is Parasol?

Parasol is an end-to-end platform for games to unlock the benefits of blockchain infrastructure for in-game items, marketplaces and on-chain gameplay. Developers can implement powerful blockchain functionality via simple to use REST APIs so they can focus on building great games.
What are app-chains?
App-chains are blockchain networks deployed specifically for an application. Parasol enables developers to easily deploy app-chains so your game does not have to compete for resources with other apps.
Are Parasol chains EVM compatible?
Yes, Parasol chains are built on the OP stack, a set of open source software that powers the Optimism Network. We make it easy to bring your EVM workflows and tooling to ensure your existing smart contracts will continue to work seamlessly when deployed with Parasol.

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